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Archive for October, 2010

Encrypted mobile to landline phone calls with Asterisk 1.8

We just released a technical howto on how to build up Secured mobile to landline VoIP infrastructure with:

Asterisk 1.8 (just released, support SIP/TLS + SDES key exchange for SRTP)
PrivateGSM Enterprise (Nokia / iPhone / Blackberry)
SNOM 300 Desktop phone

In next weeks others howto like this one will come out by using other server platforms such as [...]

Eight Epic Failure of Regulating Cryptography

A very illuminating article on Eight Epic Failure of Regulating Cryptography and common misunderstanding by government regulators that doesn’t have a wide view on how technology works.
Ignorant government regulators does not understood that strict regulation would have the following drawbacks:

It will create security risk
It won’t stop the bad guys
It will harm innovation
It will harm US [...]

PrivateGSM: Blackberry/iPhone/Nokia mobile voice encryption with ZRTP or SRTP/SDES

I absolutely avoid to use my own personal blog to make promotion of any kind of product.
That time it’s not different, but i want to tell you facts about products i work on without fancy marketing, but staying technical.
Today, at PrivateWave where i am CTO and co-founder, we released publicly mobile VoIP encryption products for [...]

A couple of nice VPN provider

There are a lot of reason why one would need to access internet trough a VPN.
For example if you live in a country blocking certain contents (like anti-local-government website, porn, etc) and/or protocols (like skype, voip) you would probably want to move your internet connectivity outside the nasty blocking country by using encrypted VPN tunnels.
I [...]


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