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[IT] L’autore è Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) la cui homepage personale è all’indirizzo

[EN] The author of this blog is Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) reachable at

[LINKEDIN] My linkedin profile (english only, better update)

[SLIDESHARE] My slideshare profile (mix english/italian)

[TWITTER] My twitter account (used once, i need to start using those web 2.0 tools)

[JOB] My job’s company website PrivateWAVE (I do voice encryption technologies)

p.s. I don’t update often this blog contents nor i use to keep latest wordpress installed with latest security fix. So if you would like to deface this blog for whatever reason, i kindly ask you after the hack, to upgrade to the latest version and if you need you are welcome to accommodate your backdoor there. But please, keep my wordpress up-to-date during time please, i am lazy!

p.p.s. You know nowdays everything is mobile and everything is web 2.0, but unfortunately (or fortunately) i feel myself like an ancient and nostalgic person that want to use the same technologies that i was using in ’95 but that had to slowly start using this new technologies. I don’t know well (or just don’t have time to use it) facebook, twitter, blogging with blogrolls, tagging, deliciousing and all those web 2.0 stuff. I just use it as a website publishing tool. In the age of web 2.0 and html5 i still prefer http 0.9 without virtualhost support. :-)