Government 2.0, Open Data and WikiLeaks

The concepts behind WikiLeaks, OpenLeaks, GlobalLeaks, BalkanLeaks is much more than just revealing secrets to the public.

It’s part of a revolution that’s coming in government’s organization, transparency and cooperation with so called ‘web 2.0 / wiki’ collaborative systems.

Have a look at those Government 2.0 - Introduction by Anke Domscheit Berg, Innovative Government Program Leads of Microsoft Germany and wife of Daniel Berg, co-founder of WikiLeaks and now founder of OpenLeaks.

Have a look at Open Data government 2.0 initiative to enforce government transparency, reducing corruption and improving performance of government organization.

That revolution it’s just more than a group of anarco-libertarian funky guys that want to create chaos by spreading secrets, it’s just the start of the rush to achieve new organization model of governments by leveraging complete transparency and strong cooperation with citizens.

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