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Archive for June, 2010

Botnet for RSA cracking?

I read an interesting article about putting 1.000.000 computers, given the chance for a serious botnet owner to get it, to crack RSA.
The result is that in such context attacking an RSA 1024bit key would take only 28 years, compared to theoretical 19 billion of years.
Reading of this article, is extremely interesting because it gives [...]

Patent rights and opensource: can they co-exist?

How many of you had to deal with patented technologies?
How many of the patented technologies you dealed with was also “secrets” in their implementation?
Well, there’s a set of technologies whose implementation is open source (copyright) but that are patented (intellectual property right).
A very nice paper about the topic opensource & patents that i suggest to [...]

China Encryption Regulations

Hi all,
i found this very interesting paper on China Encryption Import/Export/Domestic Regulations done by Baker&Mckenzie in the US.
It’s strongly business and regulatory oriented giving a very well done view on how china regulations works and how it may behave in future.
Read here Decrypting China Encryption’s Regulations (form Bakernet website) .

IOScat - a Port of Netcat to Cisco IOS

A porting of famous netcat to Cisco IOS router operating system: IOSCat
The only main limit is that it does not support UDP, but that’s a very cool tool!
A very good txt to read is Netcat hacker Manual.

The (old) Crypto AG case and some thinking about it

In the ‘90, closed source and proprietary cryptography was ruling the world.
That’s before open source and scientifically approved encrypted technologies went out as a best practice to do crypto stuff.
I would like to remind when, in 1992, USA along with Israel was, together with switzerland, providing backdoored (proprietary and secret) technologies to Iranian government to [...]

Missiles against cyber attacks?

The cyber conflicts are really reaching a point where war and cyberwar merge together.
NATO countries have the right to use the force against attacks on computer networks.

Mobile Security talk at WHYMCA conference

I want to share some slides i used to talk about mobile security at whymca mobile conference in Milan.
Read here my slides on mobile security .
The slides provide a wide an in-depth overview of mobile security related matters, i should be doing some slidecast about it putting also audio. Maybe will do, maybe not, it [...]

iPhone PIN: useless encryption

I recently switched one of my multiple mobile phones with which i go around to iPhone.
I am particularly concerned about data protection in case of theft and so started having a look around about the iPhone provided protection system.
There is an interesting set of iPhone Business Security Features that make me think that iPhone is [...]

Who extract Oil in Iran? Business and UN sanction together

I like geopolitic and i am following carefully iran issues.
I went to National Iranian Oil Company website and have seen “Exploration & Production” section where are listed all the companies and their country of origin that are allowed to make Exploration of oil in Iran.
On that list we find the list of countries along with [...]


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