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Archive for November, 2009

Gold-Lock Security Encryption Contest: be careful!

This post is to talk about the “unfair” marketing approach of Gold-Lock, an israeli company doing mobile voice encryption authorized by Israeli Ministry of Defence .
Following an announcement seen on Linkedin “Information Security Community” group:

GoldLock is offering US$ 100.000 and a job for an unencryption
GoldLock, an israeli encryption and security company is offering US$ 100.000 [...]

Recuva: Nice windows data recovery tool

Not a professional tool but an easy, quick and free one.
If you just accidently deleted some files on windows or your employee leave the company deleting all his data, well that you get out from trouble quickly.
It also came out in a ‘portable’ version to be loaded from an usb stick drive.
Check Recuva recovery tool

Military contractors going commercial

Most military contractors are suffering from the restriction of government’s budgets for military expenses and are moving into commercial markets, still they have to adjust a lot of things.
Read here a nice analysis from rochtel on how military contractors should adapt their strategy.

Disk encryption sometimes ‘works’

I am one of the person convinced that a computer disk encryption system will not protect you from public authorities if they are convinced enough and the case is very important.
There are a lot of way to convince a person to release a password.
However there’s a case in Australia where not revealing the disk password [...]

Brazilian Electrical Blackout: preview of cyberwar

In 2005 and 2007 in Brazil million of people was targetted by a blackout.
Initially it appeared like an accident.
Now it’s known that was caused by a cyber attack against electricity control systems.
That was just a preview of what a cyber attack in a cyberwar means.
In near future we’ll probably see something like ‘virtual custom offices’ [...]

Political conflict in Turkey between Prosecutors and Wiretappers

It seems that in Turkey the Telecommunication Directorate (TIB), in charge of managing the wiretapping, intercepted the president of the Judge and Prosecutors Associations.
Prosecutors and Judge usually does not like being tapped, and so the 1st High Criminal Court ordered an audit of all the recording done by the TIB since 2006.
Read more here.

Come back to blogging

I come back to blogging. Why i stopped my blogging trial period?
1st because being busy @work
2nd because my blogging software expired and i hate wordpress editor (i really need a blogging client for my own way of making information).
I use this software called Ecto that cost about 17 EUR and it’s pretty useful to keep [...]


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